Carrizal Yellow Honey Costa Rica


Farmer history:

Ivan Solis is a success story build on the foundation of the coffee producing culture of the growing region , Tarrazu. Today, he is somewhat of a coffee magnate in the prestigious micro region og Santa Maria de Dota - he seems to know about all the farms and people comprising his beloved small town.However, Ivan had to struggle and earn his way into the position he is in now from extremely humble beginnings. His hard work ethic, passion, experience, and vision have brought him to create the Santa Fe wet mill with his wife and 3 kids.

Lot name:

Carrizal is a small town in Leon Cortes, at an altitude of 1.500-1.600 masl. It has excellent weather because it is surrounded by mountains and nature, which provides the best conditions for coffee to have the best flavors. This lot is owned by the producer Oscar Madrigal Chacon.

Process: Yellow honey

Ivan receives the well selected fruit by Oscar's pickers at the Santa Fe wet mill and the cherries are passed through a floating system, they ferment the cherries in piles for 48 hours to add more flavors to the cup. After this fermentation in fruit the coffee is passed through a mechanical depolper and then through a demucilager, they can adjust the machine to leave around 50% of the mucilage in the coffee, which gives the seeds the yellow color.Ivan tries to leave as much mucilage as possible in the parchment to do a process that is environmentally conscious. After the wet mill, the sticky parchment is taken to the raised beds to sun-dry. The whole family is involved in making sure the coffee gets turned and moved frequently from beginning to end - which typically takes about 15 days.

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